MoSSFest 2014

On Friday 19th and Saturday 20th September The British Science Association is bringing 'MoSSFest' to Craignish Village Hall. 

The Friday, during the day, will be for Craignish Primary School, then at 8pm Professor Martin Hendry of Glasgow University will give a talk to the public entitled 'Exploring the Dark Side of the Universe' Join University of Glasgow astronomer Martin Hendry on a whistle-stop tour through thirteen billion years of cosmic history: exploding stars, colliding black holes, dark matter, dark energy and the very latest theories of the Big Bang.
Admission Free.

Between 10am and 6pm on the Saturday there will be (free!) activities for all ages throughout the day including: A starlab inflatable planetarium: An interactive workshop on molecule building run by one of the STEMNET Ambassadors in a Science Association branch: Making rockets, or something on the Sun, moon and planets and the seasons which could (weather permitting) involve safe observing of the Sun via a projection screen: other family-friendly displays and interactive exhibits - including something on a biological theme: science-themed family-friendly movies running throughout the day (things like ET, Star Wars etc).

The event is being organised by C3 (in conjunction with the school) and C3 will be selling soup/tea/coffee/juice/ throughout the day on Saturday.