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Draft Minutes of the AGM on 09.04.2014

Present:  Bruce Barton, Jan Brown, Janine Calder, Merlyn Edwards, Liz MacInally, Sandy MacKilligin, , Paul Smyth plus 5 members of the public.

Apologies for absence: David Graham, Ian Jamieson, Ali MacLeod, Ronnie McIlquham, Paul Mills, Ju Randall

Minutes of the AGM held on 10.4.13: These were taken as read. Their adoption was proposed by Sandy MacKilligin and seconded by Paul Smyth.

Matters Arising: There were no matters arising.

Chair’s report: Sandy announced his decision to stand down as Chair of C3. He thanked the Board for their support over the 5 years that he had been Chair.

Secretary’s report:

Board. During the course of the year Merlyn Edwards, and Liz MacInally  were co-opted to the Board.

Galley Land: In March, C3’s application to register an interest in the Galley Field was approved. This means that in future should the owner wish to sell any part of the land he has to inform both C3 and the Scottish Ministers. The latter would appoint an independent valuer to value the land after which C3 would have 6 months in which to raise the purchase price. The registration has to be renewed in 5 years time.

Tern Raft: Thanks to Ardfern Yacht Centre, SNH and Sea-Changers the project to build a mink-proof raft for nesting terns, off Eiln. Innisaig was able to go ahead under the supervision of Ali McLeod.

Craignish Boat Club: C3 has agreed to submit funding applications on behalf of Craignish Boat Club when the potential grantor requires applications to be submitted by a charity.

Craignish Primary School: The school pupils have established pen pals with pupils at Emma Redfern’s school in Kenya and they are also involved with a school in Zimbabwe via Cindy MacDonald. The school has erected a polytunnel and set up an enterprise project.

C3 met with representatives of the Pupil Council who explained the proposal for an adventure playground in the back field. C3 was very impressed and as a result agreed to match the Parent Council’s financial contribution of £1,000 towards this project. The Board was delighted to be invited to the official opening and now to see it being so well used.

The Glebe: Following the Church of Scotland’s successful planning application for 6 affordable houses and 4 private plots on the Lower Glebe, C3 entered into discussion with the General Trustees with a view to purchasing the private element of the Lower Glebe plus the bank of trees and the Upper Glebe. The Church would not sell the trees or the Upper Glebe but has given C3 six months to raise the money to buy the private plot element of the Lower Glebe. C3 is receiving help and advice from Ailsa Raeburn of the Scottish Land Fund which, if the application is successful, would pay up to 95% of the purchase price, plus development funding for a further year. The Church would not accept the District Valuer’s valuation but agreed to a joint instruction to D.M. Hall with C3 paying the fee. We are currently waiting for the Church to give us D.M. Hall’s estimate for doing the valuation.

The survey which C3 recently carried out came out marginally in favour of some form of supported housing rather than more affordable for rent so C3 is currently looking into this.

First Responders Scheme: During the year there were 23 First Responders on the rota. The ambulance service provided Craignish with 12 Vodafone Sure Signals to improve coverage. Unfortunately Craobh still does not have a suitable signal so emergencies in Craobh are currently being covered by Ardfern.

Boat jumble and Car Boot Sale: The 2013 Boat Jumble and Car Boot raised £1,000 Towards C3’s running costs. Thanks are due to all those who helped on the day particularly the catering and car parking teams.

Craignish Festival: As agreed at the last AGM, the Festival was scaled down from previous years. Thanks are due to Ali Allport and Janine for the delightful ‘Artyfacts’ exhibition and the ‘Catchacarrot’ vegan café and to everyone else who ran workshops and put on shows and exhibitions etc.

Broadband: Merlyn Edwards has been working with the representative of the Argyll Community Broadband Scheme to try and get second generation broadband in the community. Merlyn carried out a survey which brought in 41 responses and conducted a scoping overview. Subsequently Merlyn has been liaising with Colonsay and Mull which are also trying to get upgraded broadband.

Christmas Supper Dance: The 2013 Supper Dance raised £1,000 for the Glasgow Children’s Holiday Scheme and £400 for C3.

Pantomime: C3 agreed to fund the pantomime up to the value of £400.

Thanks to Sandy: On behalf of the Board Jan thanked Sandy for Chairing the Board with integrity and wisdom over the past five years.

Treasurer’s report: Paul presented the accounts. He stated that there is around £2,000 to come from Ardfern Yacht Centre and that £5,000 is ring-fenced for the First Responders.

Appointment of auditors: It was agreed that C3 would continue to get R.A. Clements to examine the accounts.

Election of Directors: Sandy Mackilligin and Paul Smyth retired by rotation, but were willing to stand again. Janine Calder had intimated her decision to stand down. Bob Carss, Merlyn Edwards and Liz MacInally had all been nominated for the Board. Jo Leslie proposed that the Board be elected en bloc. Seconded by Iain Saunders.

Paul Smyth and Jan Brown had agreed to continue as treasurer and secretary respectively. Jan Brown proposed Liz MacInally as Chair. Seconded by Faith Mackilligin.

Sandy thanked Janine for her valuable contribution during her 2 years on the Board.

Liz Macinally took the Chair for the final part of the meeting

A.O.C.B: On behalf of David Graham, Jan raised 2 points.

David queried the gap shown on the Glebe plans, which is between the affordable housing and the private plots. He wondered if C3 could negotiate with the Church to bring this into community ownership.

It was pointed out that a condition of the planning consent was that there should be open space between the 2 sites and that if this was in community ownership it would involve the community in maintaining the area. It was agreed that once the purchase of the private element was complete, C3 would look into this.

David asked whether C3 would consider negotiating a joint management agreement with the Lagoon Moorings Association for the old Boat Club Site so that there would always be some local representation in the lagoon. The Board agreed to look into this but it was felt that this might be more appropriate for the Community Council to pursue rather than C3.

Janine and Ali will not be participating in any festival this year, however Lucy Walsh is considering running a series of workshops. It was not known if the market people had been involved or were planning anything.

While it was accepted that younger members of the community are active in the Boat Club and the school, concern was expressed at the lack of interest in C3 from those in the 30 – 60 years old age range. It was felt that C3 could be beneficial to such people in demonstrating fundraising techniques, governance etc. The Board will discuss this at its next meeting.

The meeting closed by Iain Saunders thanking C3 for all that they were doing.


To request an extract copy of the 2013 accounts please click here


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