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Survey analysis

This survey was conducted by C3 during January and February 2014 in order to ascertain the community’s feelings regarding the area of the Lower Glebe which now has planning permission for 4 private plots.

The survey was conducted online (via ‘Surveymonkey’), via paper copies which were available in Ardfern Village Store and the Village Hall and via e mail. 70 responses were received the majority of which were anonymous. The results are as follows:

1. Do you support C3’s proposal to try and purchase the 4 private plots on Craignish Glebe? –YES/NO

Yes – 60 out of 70

No - 10 out of 70

2. If you have answered ‘Yes’ to the previous question please indicate what you would like to see the site used for. a) Affordable housing for rent b) Sheltered, or supported housing for older/disabled members of the community c) Assisted self build d) Other – please specify

N.B. Most people specified more than 1 option/had no preference, so the figures are the totals from 70 responses.

Affordable housing for rent – 40
Sheltered/supported housing - 43
Assisted self build - 29
Other – Drop-in centre/library(1): Community use other than housing eg: Football area, swings etc., picnic area, parking for 5 cars: Space to grow food (3) : Wildlife/open space (5): Artists’ studio/commercial/workshopsl (3) Private residential (3): Wigwam/yurt/bunkhouse. Craignish museum (1): Respite holiday accommodation (1) Accommodation for single people (2)

3. In due course would you like to see the Upper Glebe and the bank in community ownership? What would you like to see it used for?

Yes – 52

No – 12

Not sure - 1

Playing fields/play area/ somewhere for children to play – 20

More affordable housing – 6

Allotments – 5

For discussion – 3

Workshops – 5

Open space/managed woodland – 10

Conservation area – 2

Projects under community control – 1

Sheltered/disabled housing – 1

Grazing animals - 1

4. If the project goes ahead would you be interested in one of the houses? If so please indicate the type & size of house you would require. Are you registered on the A&B housing list? Please give your postcode……………………..

Requiring a house – 7 (Assisted self build with 3 bedrooms: 2 bedroom + shed and garden: 1 bedroom: 1 or 2 bed sheltered housing in the future)

Not requiring a house – 46

‘Not yet’ - 2

On the housing list – 3

Post codes: PA31 8QN (15), PA31 8UU (2), PA31 8QS (1), PA31 8QR (1), PA31 8UW (3), PA31 8JA (3), PA31 8UA (1) PA30 8EH (1) PA34 8QN (? Typo)

5. Thank you for completing this survey. If you would like to add any general comments about C3’s proposal please do so below

At long last we may see affordable housing for local residents, good luck and well done.

Please ensure that there is a healthy balance between the realistic needs of residents, creating suitable homes and the visual/environmental impact

Well done C3 for persisting in trying to achieve true community benefit from land that the church should have just given - if there's no minister getting a living off it (original purpose of glebe), then it's just about the church salting away money. I am an atheist, but had always believed the church to be a positive force in communities until now. The Church of Scotland should be ashamed of themselves.

Assisted self build is open to misuse and would only work if it was aimed specifically at local people who are finding it very difficult to get a house. The last thing that should be done is houses built and two years later sold. Perhaps there is room for shared ownership.

This is an excellent plan that will benefit the community and is a great alternative to a row of new large houses on that stretch of coast. Well done all involved on both sides of the negotiations.

The approach needs to be widened to a more holistic review of what the community needs and what the landscape setting can accommodate. The approach needs to be broadened to include the upper Glebe - whether this is by C3 or the CoS.

There is a definite need in Craignish for rented housing that will always remain in Community Ownership.

Very important to preserve the open space using low footprint development for public use. No further housing development on this site .

yes. If suitable ground then more affordable housing, or affordable, rentable workshop space for local craftspeople


I hope C3 is successful :) I wholeheartedly support community ownership and development.

Fully support the idea of community ownership - give the land back to the people!

Wish you the best of luck.

Go for it!

This is an important project for C3 and for the community. This village needs as many affordable housing units of varying sizes as it can organise

Thank you C3 for all the work you put in, on behalf of the rest of us.

Well done folks for all your work and efforts within the community company. Keep up the great work.

The final visual impact of the Glebe plots is very important given its prime waterfront location. A private individual trying to build would have their plans scrutinized for appearance from the water and visual impact

I'm all for community ownership and the provision of affordable housing, and also open to assisted self-build and sheltered provision if it can be shown to be required

I lived on Craignish for over 10 years and had to leave the area due to lack of affordable rented housing. I would love to return

Good luck

I hope you will be able to come to an amicable solution with the Church, They will have to see sense one day.

I would like the community to have control over decisions about how this land is used. I do not want private plots on this land and whatever is built should have low impact and be sensitive to the environment and the village community

I think it would be great if the community had an opportunity to decide how the space is best used and not have a development that we don't want imposed on us.

I think that this proposal by C3 would lead to the development of the 4 private plots being for the benefit of the local community.

It would be great to have a piece of land so close to the village centre that could be used for either low cost housing or for use by local businesses.



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