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'ArtyFacts' call for entries


Call for entries in an exhibition of art we already own. 
Open to everyone on the Craignish Peninsula.
From the 2nd August 2013 the Wavyline Gallery will hold a 10 day exhibition at the Craignish Village Hall in Ardfern as part of the Craignish  Festival. 
Please consider lending the Gallery a favourite picture, print, postcard, photograph and/or an artefact, tool, ornament, sculpture, souvenir etc. which has special meaning for you by virtue of its beauty, age, function, style or association with the area in which we live. In addition, please write 100 words explaining why your submission has significance for you. What you write is as important as the item itself.   
Some of our valued possessions, properly displayed and captioned in the Gallery, will serve to express something of our tangible cultural heritage and the extraordinary diversity within and individuality of our community and create an interesting exhibition for visitors too.
Admission to the exhibition will, of course, be free but there will be a box for donations towards the energy costs.
Rory Day will edit the illustrated Exhibition Catalogue which will be for sale. However, exhibits will not be for sale and may, if you prefer, be captioned anonymously. 
Please make exhibits available from May 30th for photography, allocation of space and print origination. Thereafter exhibits should be delivered to Craignish Village Hall or made available for collection on Monday July 29th.
There will be additional overnight security at the Gallery and an excellent Café. 
For further information or to register your intention to submit an exhibit please contact Ali Allport  the end of April 2013. 
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