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We have done it! On August 5th the sale of Rosemary's Plot from the owning partnership to C3 was completed!

A huge 'thank you' to the Partnership, who secured the plot for the community and to everyone who donated - we couldn't have done it without you!                                                                         

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Chair:    Tim Barlow

Secretary: Jan Brown (Housing)

Treasurer: Paul Smyth (Insurance, Governance)

Members: Bob Carss (Craobh Haven), Rory Day (School), Merlyn Edwards (Community Broadband), Liz Macinally, Paul Mills (First Responders and Health & Safety), Iain Saunders (Renewable energy)


Craignish Community Company was formed in 2004 with the following objectives:

To promote rural regeneration following principles of sustainable development in areas of social  & economic deprivation within the community of Craignish by:

  • The relief of poverty.

  • The provision or improvement of housing (but not by relieving local authorities of their responsibilities)

  • The provision of recreational facilities

  • The protection or conservation of the environment.

To advance the education of the local community about its environment, culture, and/or history.

To promote, establish, operate or support other projects & initiatives of a similar nature for the benefit of the community of Craignish


Current projects include the 'Rosemary's Plot',  First Responder Scheme, Tern raft project, registering an interest in land, Craignish Boat Jumble and Car Boot sale, and Community Broadband . C3 also receives regular reports of Craignish Primary School 


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Craignish Community Facebook Page
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